Story of Ritesh Agrawal the founder of OYO Rooms

Oyo Rooms today has become one of the largest hotel chains in Asia along with India as well as India's third-largest startup company. Oyo Rooms today are offering their services to India as well as China, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the UK.

The name of the Oyo Rooms is as big a name as the name of Riteish Agarwal the founder of Oyo Rooms. Ritesh's goal is to convert Oyo Rooms into the biggest hotel chain in the startup world by 2024.

If we talk about the story of Oyo and Ritesh, then their story does look like a fictional story, because what they have achieved at such a young age is unimaginable.

Ritesh was born in Bisam Cuttack in Orissa in the Business Class family. His early education was from Sacred Heart School in Raigad, Orissa.

They were known for their different ways of falling in school days. From the beginning, he was very interested in the computer, and he was also fond of moving to a new place. Due to his interest in computer, he started falling in computer days by computer programming books. For this, he used the books of his elder brother. He learned computer language like Basic and Pascal in school. And for the second leg, he supported the online study material.

When it came to his college time, his parents like other parents wanted his son to get a good job after falling in a good college. For this, he was sent to the quota to prepare for the examination of IITJEE. His mind was not to be engineered.

But for the parents' ambition, when he did not feel much, he took admission in Delhi's Indian School Business and Finance.

But he was not feeling too much over there because he had to leave something other than he should have done something more than the salon package of lakhs. 
He was very much influenced by Bhavesh Agarwal, the founder of Google's Bilgates, Ola. He had lived his biography several times, started his successful startup by having a college dropout and started working on a successful startup, he got home in the heart of Riteish and even started his startup Had made the mind of doing it.

In the meantime, he left his finance job and started his own startup Oravel to start his startup with a smart heart. For this, they worked hard to revive some hotels and surveyed the hotels to create an online website where people could easily find cheap and affordable hotels in any city.

This website benefited from such people who went to a new city, but they did not have so much information about the hotels there. In this, they could choose the hotel according to their budget.

In 2013, he changed his startup name to OYO Rooms. Then they started their own hotels series with listings of other hotels. It was also one time that he was the only college dropout in his company and IIT led the graduate organization of the institute like IIT IIM.

They loved college dropouts and hoped that they also have great dropouts in their team and they appreciate the talent sister dropouts and encourage them.

Even in their early days, America's enterprising Peter Thill had run a scholarship program to encourage such intrauterine. Ritesh had participated in it and they also won. Right now, the Oyo Rooms have raised funding of 1 billion dollars through Softbank Vision Fund and other funding.