What is RuPay Card? Know advantages and disadvantages

What is RuPay card | how it works and how to get it | Type of Rupay card | what is different from MasterCard and Visa card | how it uses 

Indian National Payment Corporation (NPCI) launched Rupee Card (RuPay) in the year 2012 to end the monopoly of MasterCard and Visa card. This card also works like the Visa and MasterCard. Rupee Card is an Indian version of Credit / Debit Card.

Benefits of Rupee Cards?

With this card the transaction is quick and the cost comes down. All information about your transactions is limited to India only. It can be used in addition to removing cash from ATMs, in transactions on POS and online platforms.
It can be used on 1.45 lakh ATMs, 8.75 lakh POS terminals and 10,000+ e-commerce websites. Apart from this, the Rupee card holder also receives an Accidental Insurance Coverage of Rs. 1 lakh at no cost.

Types of rupee cards:

The Rupee card releases 15 types of cards, which include three credit cards, six debit cards, one global card, four prepaid cards and one contactless card.
In addition to credit and debit cards, the Rupee card also offers four types of prepaid cards. These include Gift Card, Payroll Card, Student Card, Virtual Card.
Also gives Rupe Global Card You can use this card anywhere in the whole world. You can make online and offline transactions with RupeContactless Card.
Rupe PMJDY Card:  Through this card, Indian citizens can avail the services of affordable banking services under Prime Minister Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY).

Payroll Card:  This card is paid salaries of employees.

Ruppe currency debit card:  Beneficiaries of currency loan from this card take advantage of the Prime Minister Money Scheme of the Government.

Ruppe Kisan Card:  This caters to the credit requirements for both farming and non-agricultural activities.

Student Card:  This card is specially designed for students.

Virtual Card:  This card offers extra protection like other virtual cards.

How to apply for Rupee card?

To apply, go to Rupe website and enter your personal details in the application form.
Choose the type of silver card you want and from which bank you want it. However, for that you have a savings account in that bank. Then click on 'Submit', after which you have applied for the Rupee Card.

How is the Rupee card different from MasterCard and Visa card?

With the reduced processing charges, the use of the Rupee card in the transaction is 23% cheaper than the MasterCard / Visa card. But, it can not be used everywhere like Mastercard / Visa cards.